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Swingers dk varde

Now the c64's writing limitations have varrde shared 8x4 rather than the 8x8 Will make, the only matter to have varied close was H2K by thrilling. Had to down with grade it to a 9, auspicious. This is the first author since the early 's that I was moreover impressed with a good heavy demo as a whole. Endowed by erickson brilliant get spongebob little to his little on 4 Side When I returned to the forthcoming a little over 3 birds ago, this was one of the first kind I was shown and I'm almost ended to say this:.

It has been most entertaining to read also the riot of comments before the demo was released: Some like it, others don't. It's probably impossible to make a demo that appeals to everyone. I can just take a look at myself, i like cracks with no trainers at all.

Still i think many of the other demos in the Swingees had more fresh effects, and felt more modern in a way. No wonder though, most of the effects in Swongers are quite old. As some ppl mentioned, there are alot of plasmas and zoomers. Yepp, zoomers was like the coolest thing you could do inbut plasmas i don't know: I was aware of it a long time, but didn't change it: Well, ByteBoozer does a great d, eventhough it's not really optimized for speed yet. I guess my coding style also fits well to ByteBoozer Swingrrs i always work with code generators like teh great Graham: But i have also been working ek a bit with the linking, finding ways to load stuff earlier avrde later to avoid pauses.

We in BD don't need to slow down our vectors to do loading, you know. The vector is realtime calculated, don't worry about that. I have so much to say about this demo, of course. I'll probably write more comments on it later, but for now: Without you, this demo would never have happened. The Swigners of it vafde very good apart from the very start where the decompression left a mess on Swingers dk varde screen and the "please insert" Www xxx co za. It wouldn't have been too hard to add a nice tidy and quick loading boot loader. But I very much liked the layered effects, one effect, OK, then another effect over the top of it, oh yes.

Good to see some PC sceners acknowledging the brilliance of this production. Ofcourse it must Swingwrs a 10! A lot of work done at the archmaster level has been put into this. However, Zyron's comment about 'lack of content' hits the nail on kd head pretty well. So I understand that people actually may not like this demo at all and vote it far below 9. It depends on expectations one has from a piece of art. So please stop the 'some people suffer from a compulsive nonconformism' by the way, it's called 'anticonformism' stuff. If you don't understand someone else's point of view, you don't have to, but do respect it please.

I have done the opposite in the past, to the utter regret later. Personally, I have never seen effects so smooth and fast, and the pace is astonishing, it's all shining like a Goldwasser, and that's enough really. Speaking of which, Boozers: The music was kick ass as well!!! Tasty design and played well. I still think Last Traktor 3 by horizon kicks major butt, but this one comes darn close to my newest favorite. The last screen on side 2 said 'Booze' and then currupt at the bottom. Hopefully, the demo doesn't require my nearly 2 decade old to be in near perfect working order.

As for the demo, nice to see some old-skool alike vector effects in there. Very pretty, but I don't think that I've seen all of it because of the currupt screen. Looks like a lot of effort. Just watched the demo on YouTube; apparently, the screen just currupted on the last logo for me. I think this might be why the screen looks so very different to the online vid, especially from the start up screen. Yeah, why not coding 10 better demos in parallel? Almost every single byte of code in this demo is stunning and insanely impressive. The graphics is extremely beautiful. The music is very good, very subtle the Terminator theme, for exampleand well executed.

Unfortunately, however, the transitions are just TOO polished for me. As a coder, I really appreciate those stunning effects that leave me at a complete loss as to how they are done and there are a lot of those here! But those transitions are just There seems to be an insane amount of work that has gone into making those so smooth, and the thought of all those hours of work just get me really stressed out: Now my vote is only 9: To transfer it, I used geoBeap to extract the D64 to a 5. Is this the wrong way to go about things? I don't have any other ways to transfer D64s to a real Commodore at the moment.

If this transfer method doesn't work then I don't suppose that I've lost anything. Do you think that you are able to beat yourself? Great coding, but it does not look very aesthetic to me. Better improve the effect itself instead of combining it with other stuff. Nevertheless the best C64 demo ever! The dithered vectors and the 3d dots impressed me most. Very close to a 10, but still a 9. This is a stunning piece of work, such an attack of effects, after watching it for the first time I could not believe that 15 minutes has passed! First of all - who the hell can you fit all this into a little more than 2 disk sides? D Then the graphics are totally gorgeous, the Edge of Disgrace logo seen in the screenshot for example is one of the finest I've ever seen on the C64!

Music, Dane does a fine job as usual, I love the little Terminator-cover-part! HCL proves that he is indeed from another planet or something. I don't know if sitting alone talking to your is sane though And the final touch is the transitions - so much attention to detail, and completely ignoring the sideborders for which I personally always had a healthy dose of respect! Special thanks to HCL for writing a lengthy note with all the details of the coderporn! That new half-char mode is really intriguing to me, is it really fetching d vals twice in a 8x8 block? I didn't think that was possible. Well, I guess that topic lends itself better to a new thread in the coding forum, rather than cluttering the comments thread.

Vidste du det? Det er ulovligt at fotografere Eiffeltårnet om aftenen

OK, it turns out Swingers dk varde written an entire essay, sorry about that. To sum it up - The utter insane amount of work that has gone into this is staggering, and deserves the utmost respect. This demo has it all. Of course you are allowed to vote below nine, you can vote anything you you want! I just stated that it would be REALLY interesting to watch a demo voted as a ten from those who vote below nine on this production Has to be the best demo of Can Swingers dk varde beat this incredible work of art? So much work went into this, matching the hardcore elements with perfect transitions.

Despite the fact there is no concept behind it, other than impress the world with super skills, it's been an enjoyable roller coaster ride. I mean, I still want to view the demo on the c64, but I'd like to know beforehand what my options are. All these 'you cannot vote below 9' statements are utter bullshit of course. Ever heard of the expression 'to each his own'? EoD is one of the best c64 demos ever done in scene history, that's for sure. Nowadays, it's really hard to make demos techically impressive. Many people believe that every vic trick has already been done on c Maybe that's true not likely but this demo shows us there is still much to discover.

Many effects zoomers, plasmas, vectors etc. EoD is all about pushing the limits, combining effects together, spending all the cycles with great ideas and having smooth transitions. About zoomers and plasmas, since we all know HCL's coding skill on these kind of effects, they were not surprising for me but great parts to watch. And they were definetely the best examples of their kind ever done. Maybe you can say "hey, Graham's vectors were also great". Who said I was able to speak when I've Naked amatuer women in bilbao them?

But HCL definitely improved that kind of vectors. Many faces rotating with high speed much higher than I was expectedit's just incredible. Another improvement is the dot rotator. It's nice improvement since this method is already on the edge. HCL, I was expecting a plots torus but you failed ha? Not only this demo but also some other X' demos ruined my unreleased original effects: That was great because now I have to work two times harder. Thank you for stealing my sleep: And thank you for giving me higher targets. But this thing is one piece of beautiful art. As close to perfect execution as I've ever seen, on any platform. The highest compliment I can give it is this: Now lets see if someone can create a demo worth a 10 or a 9 for the guys who voted below 9!

No doubt about that. What I think is the best sign of the quality Yeah, beating up crossers might feel satisfying for a minute, but it does not combat the problem! I'm not saying DeM is crap, but it was the only fit comparison I could think of at the moment Although is was a bit dissapointing considering the hype, it's right there at the top together with deus ex as far as I'm concerned. Great work guys, thank you for amazing me again in ! In the graff scene they actually do get rid of 'crossers' by simply kicking their sorry little asses. Hell, we got a 1, a 4 and 2 5s for Deus! At least Jayce is honest enough to stand by his vote, unlike some others There'll always be people to whom the style of a demo just doesn't appeal, there'll always be people that know that certain aspects could be better.

For me personally that's the music - it's just one track and composer, so after 15 minutes that's a bit much, plus while I thought it fitted the demo really well, for me it still wasn't memorable and I instantly forgot what it sounded like after the compo - unlike with many other demos! Just for the record: I still voted 10 because anything else would be ridiculous! And yeah, there'll always be the assholes that downvote just because of trolling or because they wanna spoil the party for the others, it's like those crossing assholes that tag over beautiful graffiti, you just can't get rid of them That was uncalled for What is your fucking problem?

Why do you keep bashing Deus Ex? Deltog i Sydjyllandsmesterskabet i Popmusik Var tilmeldt "DM i pop ". Gamblers Fra Roskilde Fra Thomas Gjurup's bog: Tog navneforandring til Seed Of Flowers. Gamblers Fra Thisted Omtalt i Super Love nr. Dalby omtalt i Top Pop nr. Moon Club, der med sine mere end 1. Morten Jensen indgik siden i bl. Dansk Rockband og Big Night Out. Han sluttede karrieren i Les Garcons omtalt i Hit nr. Omtalt i Teen Times nr. Tilbage er Torkild Nielsen samt de nye medlemmer: Fynsk 60'er rock af Boris Blinoff. Oplysninger fra Troels Lund Eriksen: Repertoiret var tidens musik: Glenn And Gemeni Four spillede mange steder i Nordjylland: Hallund Kro, Storvorde, Langholt, Skytten og mange andre steder.

Genders Fra Kastrup omtalt i Beat nr. Gentlemens Fra Kolding Georgies Germs Fra Kolding Poul Erik Schmidt dm. Gerry and the Giants Se Giants. Har gennem tiden spillet skiffle, rock'n'roll og beat. Udvidet med saxofonist i Deltog i konkurrencen "De danske Rolling Stones" Kortlevende ungdomsklubband dannet i midten af af Kaj Christensen lead-gPelle R. Da Maren blev elektrisk. Skifter navn til Relax i juli ' Allan Ravn Jensen el-b erstatter Norby. Langeland, Horsens og Als hvor de gav den sidste koncert som Giacometterne 5. Omtalt i Hit nr. Giants Fra Hvidovre Se mere i Thomas Gjurup's bog: Hvidovre-Rock omtalt i Hit nr.

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