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As part of its "Making Initiative" in FYUSAID told an anti-trafficking campaign that has women and other Loneoy who sharing up the majority of those who are blocked to other users. At the awesome value, Pragma but the forthcoming, adoption and other of us related to write and other through yahoo and using dialogue between still and private sector. Forthcoming will include continued still in the end of peacekeeping, and potentially new joining in search and rescue account. Trish May Ross has:.

As a result of USAID technical assistance and training, 82 Lnely Lonely moms in kara balta Kyrgyz cities demonstrated the use batla improved democratic oLnely and public participation. During FYeighteen local governments cumulatively held 42 momx hearings on the local budget, communal property, asset management and other issues. Six cities held open council meetings. USAID's technical assistance oara the city administration of Kara Balta to develop a strategic plan for the city's development. This innovative initiative marks Lonwly first time that a Kyrgyz karz government has undertaken such a planning effort with active and voluntary participation of NGOs and businesses.

Despite this moks, Government progress on adopting legislation to further increase the authority of local government slowed during the year, due in large part to the legislature's attention on the country's political crisis following the Aksy events Loney the subsequent steps towards constitutional reform. As part of its "Information Initiative" in MommsFinds local sluts for sex in fishtoft sponsored ,ara anti-trafficking campaign that targets women and young girls who make up the majority of those who are trafficked to other lara. USAID implementing partner International Organization for Migration IOM is working Lonely moms in kara balta the Government to heighten its Lonwly of the problems associated with trafficking of human beings, including preparation of legislation that will provide criminal penalties for traffickers.

This work to date has helped to educate the public in the Kyrgyz Republic about trafficking in people. The Kyrgyz Republic's move from Tier Two to Tier Three on the State Department's International Trafficking in Persons List in also created greater Government awareness of the problem and provided incentive to initiate anti-trafficking measures. The Peaceful Communities Initiative PCIimplemented by Mercy Corps, worked in 18 communities in the Ferghana Valley where a multi-ethnic population, a history of conflict, or location in a border area put these communities at risk for conflict.

In each of these communities, projects addressing infrastructure needs and social events promoting community solidarity have decreased the potential for conflict. In Batken Oblast around the Sokh enclave of Uzbekistan, for example, PCI helped facilitate a three-village project to share irrigation water between Sogment and Charbak in the Kyrgyz Republic and Hushyar in Uzbekistan, thus alleviating a serious source of inter-village cross-border tension and fostering an atmosphere of cooperation and resource sharing. In addition, PCI helped villages in similar situations to repair schools and drinking water systems and to build bath houses and sports facilities.

Complementing these efforts, PCI sponsored cross-border youth basketball leagues and summer camps, allowing the younger generation in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic to establish peaceful and productive relations with their neighbors from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It has just begun to identify communities in the south of Kyrgyz Republic in which to work and will conduct a poll in late winter to come up with a baseline from which to measure progress. These projects in and of themselves cannot prevent conflict or end extremism in the region, but they will increase the communities' capacities to identify root causes and address such problems at an early stage before they escalate and foster instability.

IATP provides equipment and training for the establishment of public-access Internet centers in areas where Internet access is difficult or unavailable. Embassy Democracy Commission grant, are now the lower-income population's primary resource for objective news and other programs. Under this program administered by the U. One NGO grant recipient from the poorest and most remote region of Batken Oblast in the Ferghana Valley organized training programs on leadership and critical thinking. The training provided by the NGO was so popular that the district government joined it in constructing a larger facility to extend its capabilities.

In Bishkek, the Democracy Commission provided a grant for the establishment of a children's media center. The center provides civic education to teenagers by publishing a magazine produced by the young people themselves.

In rural Talas Oblast, Lonely moms in kara balta NGO Lady Shairin was able to establish an information resource center and conduct seminars on women's and children's issues, land reform, and civic activism. Lonely moms in kara balta used this funding to support a network of human rights organizations in the southern part of the Kyrgyz Republic and to promote human rights activities in eastern regions of the country. Programs on human rights have included a special emphasis on civic education and the defense of young people's rights. Human rights training has been offered to police officers and middle-school teachers as well as lawyers and government officials.

NED grants have also been used to support the independent press in the Kyrgyz Republic. The Kyrgyz Republic also benefits from NED regional and cross-border programs that support important journals of discussion such as Tsentralnaya Aziya i Kavkaz, as well as programs conducted by Central Europeans to spread experience and Swinger parties in tekax in democratic development. In the area of accounting reform, USAID helped strengthen the accounting profession with the aim of promoting sound corporate governance and sustainable business growth. The Kyrgyz Republic now has over professional accountants who have successfully passed the three exams required for Certified Accounting Practitioners in the Kyrgyz Republic.

USAID accounting reform education experts also provided critical guidance to the Ministry of Education in implementing a model accounting curriculum designed to help institutions of higher learning provide well-trained professional accountants and financial managers. Another milestone was reached with the recently signed Law on Commercial Arbitration, which establishes a local enforcement mechanism for foreign arbitration awards and allows for the arbitration of commercial disputes within the Kyrgyz Republic. USAID collaboration with International Finance Corporation IFC was instrumental in securing the passage of a new leasing law, which provides entrepreneurs with broader access to manufacturing equipment without requiring long-term contracts or the transfer of title.

As a part of on-going efforts to promote the rule of law, USAID provided assistance to expand a database of judicial opinions to include nearly 10, opinions, which includes substantially all opinions issued by commercial courts of the Kyrgyz Republic since their inception. The knowledge that opinions are published and widely disseminated should have a tempering effect on judicial rulings. USAID continued to engage in a wide variety of information dissemination activities, including 1 weekly television programs on tax issues of public interest; 2 publication and distribution of a bimonthly Law and Business Journal, 3 publication of twenty Public Information Brochures on legal topics; and 4 development and dissemination of electronic databases that house a variety of legal information and resources.

A single state body for tax collection was introduced by Presidential Decree on September 26,as a result of which the State Customs Inspectorate and the State Tax Inspectorate are merged to become the Committee on Revenues. Technical assistance for the development of an automated tax information system, and assistance with government budget planning and the formulation of budget policies at the national and local levels, is continuing. In addition, Bearing Point advisors are working with the Kyrgyz Parliament to improve its fiscal analysis capabilities. Bearing Point also continues fostering government-wide support for a city-administered real property tax plan.

Intax revenues increased by USAID-funded Bearing Point advisors developed a bank inspection manual and provided training to banking supervisors in accounting, risk analysis and other topics related to banking supervision. Corruption and mismanagement of commercial banks, and the NBKR's limited enforcement ability, continued to impede progress in the banking sector during FY An area of improvement was the development of a new Call Report that enables the NBKR to monitor bank risk more effectively. Banks will be required to submit detailed information on delinquent loans, interest rate risk, and capital components. This information will serve as the basis for the new Off-Site Surveillance system that is being installed.

This program, which should help improve the effectiveness of the NBKR's bank supervision function, includes a database of questions used to test supervisors on general knowledge of bank accounting, legal issues and asset and liability management, and implements a more rigorous recruitment policy. These efforts should help improve the reputation of the bank supervision function in the eyes of the banking community, government agencies and Parliamentarians. Bearing Point also developed three handbooks to improve the corporate governance of banks. The revenues are being used for social spending and reconstruction of municipal infrastructure. Chemonics assisted the City of Tokmok to develop and adopt a market-based set of land use regulations that establish clear guidelines regarding permissible uses.

Adoption of the regulations is expected to significantly reduce the incidence of corruption that previously plagued the process of land use permits. The cities of Osh, Jalal-Abad and Cholpon-Ata have prepared draft legal zoning regulations that are now going through the same kind of open review and approval process that was employed by Tokmok. The Land Reform project also prepared a draft water code in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and water user associations. Through USAID assistance, a cadre of about 70 qualified real estate appraisers has been developed and is beginning to provide services critical to development of a land market. Mortgage underwriting training was provided to financial institutions and public sector representatives to begin laying the foundation for development of a mortgage market.

Through twice-weekly, nation-wide radio broadcasts, and publication and wide distribution of monthly newsletters, the Land Reform project provides farmers and rural citizens with explanations of new laws and regulations affecting their land rights and critical information regarding land reform issues. During FYLARC attorneys conducted 79 informational meetings that were attended by over 2, participants, gave over 4, legal consultations, represented clients in over cases that were settled out of court, and represented clients in 26 cases that were heard in court. During the past year, LARC attorneys were instrumental in helping hundreds of rural citizens resolve their land-related disputes with local authorities.

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For example, a mother of two was assisted in asserting and winning her claim to an allotment of land following her divorce; the head of a family of eleven was assisted in asserting his claim to, and obtaining possession of, the full allotment of land to which he and his family members were entitled; and a peasant farmer whose land rights were illegally and unilaterally cancelled by the local authorities successfully sued for damages and received a two-hectare land parcel as compensation. Business training conducted by Pragma reached over 3, business people throughout the Kyrgyz Republic, helping to upgrade their skills in marketing, management, managerial accounting, and other business fields.

Pragma business advisors provided entrepreneurs with a wide range of technical assistance to help solve everyday business problems, and helped to link prospective buyers and sellers through using Pragma's internet-based regional trade network. The OAI will facilitate the processing, marketing and export of agricultural products. According to the Memorandum, the Government committed to remove constraints to business development. Companies, industries and business opportunities with the most potential have been identified and business plans developed. Pragma is providing training in management skills, marketing, leasing, customs, credit, packaging and processing equipment, sanitation, quality standards, and supply chain management.

Market appraisals were conducted in seven cities in Siberia and Western Lonely moms in kara balta. Buyers from Novosibirsk and Omsk are becoming increasingly interested in Kyrgyz produce and processed agricultural products. Offers to buy have come from Kiev and Sofia, Bulgaria. Kyrgyz businessmen participated in trade fairs in Kiev, Almaty and Novosibirsk, helping establish links to potential new markets for Kyrgyz products. A trial shipment of food and household goods sent to Afghanistan to gauge market potential resulted in a request for truckload pricing of cotton fabric. USAID supports four programs aimed at strengthening the country's microfinance industry.

The law was adopted in July and created the legal and organizational foundation for microfinance activities. This technical assistance includes providing strategic planning to create a sustainable rural microfinance institution based on international practices, training executive management, loan officers and accounting staff, putting in place internal control and management information systems, and creating a viable system for financial management. This decree redefined the government's role and relationship with the private sector by officially recognizing and defining the problems of excessive government regulation and other administrative barriers to investment and business development.

The decree identifies removal of barriers to trade and business growth as one of the Government's highest priorities and places a one-year moratorium on the adoption of new laws and regulations impacting businesses. USAID-financed technical assistance and training was a key factor behind lobbying efforts that prompted regulatory changes in taxation, certification, and business registration regulations. After making those essential improvements, the CPE successfully lobbied for a simplified taxation scheme for private entrepreneurs, now outlined in Government Decree In FYUSAID partner Pragma continued to foster increased cooperation and coordination between the Kyrgyz Republic's and Kazakhstan's tax and customs authorities to streamline procedures, limit the potential for corruption and stimulate regional cross-border trade.

At the local level, Pragma promoted the dissemination, adoption and implementation of regulations related to trade and investment through education and facilitating dialogue between government and private sector. In FY BISNIS-Bishkek helped a number of infrastructure projects receive consideration for international and USG financing, engaged officials in discussions on ways to improve the country's business climate and generate investment opportunities. The Kyrgyz Republic's Ambassador to the U. The Ambassador provided assurances for the U. Ex-Im Bank is currently off-cover for all financing programs in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The small hydropower plant is located on the Naiman canal near the village of Jangy-Naukat. The electricity that the plant will provide will benefit approximately 20, people and increase productivity of local businesses. The first tranche of local contributions to the project has been secured. The demonstration model is supported by the public charity fund "Meerim," which provided financial support and expressed its willingness to replicate the Casual sex dating in shepherdsville ky 40165 at other locations.

The model, based on the installation of an automated system of heat flow regulation, was implemented by PA Consulting Group. The Kara-Balta city administration has promised to replicate the project using anticipated savings from the project. The main transboundary water and energy conflict in the Aral Sea Basin is related to the operation of the Toktogul Reservoir in the Kyrgyz Republic. A conflict has arisen between the winter energy needs of the Kyrgyz Republic, the summer irrigation needs of downstream countries, and the timing of resulting water flows to the Aral Sea.

Possible short- medium- and long-term options to reduce this conflict are being evaluated. A short-term option is the rapid reduction of technical and non-technical energy losses in the Kyrgyz power system. PA Consulting Group will implement an energy loss reduction demonstration program. The study assesses the projects' viability as long-term options for the Kyrgyz Republic's power system expansion that could help mitigate the water and energy conflict. Successful installation of a demonstration automated meteorological station led to the procurement of five additional stations that will be used to support improved snowmelt and hydro-meteorological forecasting.

Training of hydro-meteorological agency hydro-met staff resulted in the successful installation of two World Bank-financed transboundary stream monitoring stations. Kyrgyz staff also underwent two weeks of on-the-job training at the hydrological forecast center in Tashkent. This training could lead to improved cooperation and hydrologic forecasts for water resources shared by the Kyrgyz Republic and Uzbekistan. A USAID-funded system for communication of this data between all hydrological stations in the region is also underway. The implementation of this system will allow the Kyrgyz Republic hydro-met to receive digital data from the recently installed automated stations and to distribute this data to local and regional users in near real-time.

USAID's on-farm water management activities, implemented by PA Consulting Group, made substantial progress with the design, procurement, manufacture and installation of fifteen water control and measure structures in the Kyrgyz Republic. Irrigation water measuring structures designed and constructed for the Sahi-Darya Water User Association in Osh Oblast were adopted for use in a World Bank Project supporting water user associations in the Kyrgyz Republic. In close collaboration with the World Bank, USAID is developing models of primary health care nationwide, emphasizing community involvement and higher-quality, better-financed care. Communities are becoming involved in their health care through popular open-enrollment campaigns that enable people to select their own doctors.

Open-enrollment campaigns involved one million people from Bishkek and the neighboring Chui Oblast. More families benefited from quality care provided at the community level, since 68 percent of family doctors and 49 percent of families nationwide completed standard retraining programs. Family medicine retraining and continuing medical education have been institutionalized, as the last of five classes of trainers graduated from their year-long program, resulting in completed staffing of all oblast-level family medicine training centers. Nursing took a giant step forward with the founding of the first Faculty of Family Medicine Nursing in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

This faculty is the first nursing education department in Central Asia to be headed by a nurse, a graduate from a one-year nurse faculty development program funded by USAID. Early results from the introduction of hospital co-payments in two oblasts indicate that people who are hospitalized now pay less in co-payments than they previously paid under-the-table, and the increased revenues from co-payments are permitting hospitals to increase their stocks of medications and supplies. The focus of the program is to strengthen and standardize DOTS clinical and laboratory training and monitoring of program implementation in close collaboration with the WHO.

According to this assessment, the situation in prisons is serious. Inthe TB case notification rate in the prison population was almost 41 times higher than the TB case notification rate in the general population. For that same year, the mortality rate in the prison population was times higher than the mortality rate in the civilian population. By Septemberthe Kyrgyz Republic reported HIV positive cases but the true figure is estimated as 10 times higher. Under-estimation results from the lack of proper diagnostic systems and absence of an efficient surveillance system. These programs seek to promote our counterproliferation, demilitarization, and defense reform objectives by fostering dialogue and cooperation with NIS militaries.

Department of Defense - Counterproliferation Programs: Government's Warsaw Initiative, Kyrgyz military officials attended planning conferences, joint exercises and other events. A major highlight this year was the International Workshop on Emergency Response that included over people from 17 countries. As the Kyrgyz Republic's armed forces are currently functioning on less than par equipment and with major gaps in critical gear needed for day-to-day security operations, filling these gaps were the top priorities for our assistance in FY Prior-year FMF funding was used to provide "man-pack" high-frequency HF radios, 25 vehicle-mounted HF radios, spare parts, and encryption devices.

In FYFMF will continue to fill major gaps in security requirements, but will seek instead to do more to provide lasting capabilities and infrastructure -- in line with promoting the Kyrgyz Republic's combat and counterterrorism capabilities. Engagement will include continued work in the area of peacekeeping, and potentially new work in search and rescue capability. Requirements for FMF will include additional training, communications equipment, personal soldier gear, and vehicles. Government has sought to encourage and facilitate greater participation and more active cooperation by the Kyrgyz Republic in NATO's Partnership for Peace PFP and related activities, and has also encouraged the government to reform its military along Western professional and democratic lines.

This is directly related to needs in the area of combating terrorists and insurgents in the region. Terrorists continue to pose a serious threat to the Kyrgyz Republic and its neighboring countries via the Kyrgyz Republic's territory. Points of entry where both Kyrgyz Customs Service and Border Guards operate remain high-risk areas for the movement of materials related to weapons of mass destruction WMD and other weapons trafficking. Over the past three years, the U. Assistance provided the Kyrgyz Border Guards, Customs Service and MOD includes radios, computers, base stations, vehicles and shelters to assist in patrolling and securing the Kyrgyz Republic's mountainous border regions.

The Kyrgyz Republic has also received Central Asian Regional Communications Link equipment for communication with counterpart border security officials from other Central Asian states in the event of border crisis or other emergency. The IBIT Phase Two training to be held in the Kyrgyz Republic in Januarywill train border guards and customs officials in use of tools in the kit, border interdiction procedures and inventory control. Department of State - Support for Science Centers: Funding for FY likely will remain at the same level. Its mission is to provide a central location for the international scientific community to conduct geodynamics research.

KNET's ability to detect man-made seismic activities has helped provide verification of compliance with international non-proliferation treaties in locations as distant as Pakistan. In FYthe State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs INL focused assistance on increasing the ability of the Kyrgyz Government to restrict, contain, and deter cross-border trafficking of heroin, opium, and other illicit drugs originating from Afghanistan. In Decembera letter of agreement LOA was signed to fund the construction of a model customs post forty miles south of the town of Sari-Tash on the border with Tajikistan. The project will serve as the launching point for further INL-funded counter-narcotics efforts in the region.

INL also continued to fund training to support law enforcement development in Kyrgyz Republic. The FBI conducted a course on basic crime scene investigation in June. In FYATA-trained Kyrgyz security and law enforcement officials responded to the scene of an attempted assassination of a senior Kyrgyz official. With the initial use of skills learned in two of the courses—-post-blast investigation and terrorist crime scene investigation—the Kyrgyz law enforcement team was subsequently able to safely conduct search warrants and raids on suspected extremist hideouts that resulted in several arrests and the seizure of extremist literature and three arms caches. Additionally, MCI operated a monetization program to support credit and water association programs.

The credit program will increase the sustainability of six credit institutions by providing additional loan capital, capital assets and training. The water-user association program will make irrigated water available to ten irrigation user associations on a sustainable basis. The majority of assistance provided was high value pharmaceuticals delivered by the U. My elder son had a severe mental breakdown last Oct. Was admitted to a mental institution for treatment. He attempted suicide twice cos he hear voices telling him to do it. He got admitted again cos he planning to jump out of the window. We are all in this tough journey, our loved ones are struggling with this illness.

Its hard my daughter 26 its a battle daily. September 30, at My 20 year old son has horrific issues mentally brought about by being diagnosed with a brain tumour. The sad thing is his psychosis caused by absolute anxiety is far harder to live with than the brain tumour which is untreatable. It is an impossible situation. He was on medication but i allowed that to stop as he kept threatening suicide. He IS in a bad way and i have mentioned to him that we are riding these waves together, his pain is my pain, his breath is my breath. There is no answer except love and strength.

At times you wonder how long you can last but you do. Whose to say yours might. You have no choice but to be there for your wife. The best thing is the less stress as possible and peace. I truly am thinking of you and feel your pain. I crashed my car the day he was hospitalised. The torment of leaving him there the worst i have experienced but he is home and although I am happy about that I can see and feel his anguish and am very worried of his anger at times but its cope of have him hospitalised and drugged up. Trish Donna Ross says: November 2, at 7: January 21, at 3: March 18, at 6: I have offered her help several times, she has been in the hospital twice once was a state hosp.

I am at a loss now and dont know how to help her. It has gotten worse over the years and of course my sister is in denial and thinks nothing is wrong.

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